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Welcome to the backup-script project

This is a simple, easy to use, configurable backup script. Its not in the snippets section, because there are actually two scripts: a sample config, and the actual worker.

As it stands, the conf.backup file is pretty self documenting, as to what the various configurable parameters are. The conf.backup scripts should live in /etc/ like all good configurations tables.

You can get to the CVS stuff at: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/?cvsroot=backup-script

You can download version 1.3 at http://download.sourceforge.net/backup-script/backup-1.3.tgz

You can always find the latest downloads at https://sourceforge.net/project/filelist.php?group_id=4331

The basic output of the backup script is: backup help

  backup {eject | remind | rewind | check | contents | full | daily | weekly
	| restore | roll | unroll | compact | uncompact }
  backup tape {eject | remind | rewind | check | contents | restore}
  backup dump {full  | weekly | daily}
  backup last {full  | weekly | daily}

  This handles backing up a system.  It works both on writing to a tape
  for off-site recovery, and duplicating to a hidden file system for faster
  on site recovery.

  A full backup -- all files in the file systems
  A weekly backup -- all files that are changed or new since the last full
  A daily backup -- all files that are changed or new since the last weekly

  cpio is used to write to tapes, since it is fairly easy to work with.
  tar is not used since cpio has better recovery facilities and doesn't
  have a path name restriction

  tar is used to make on online backup/archive since it is a standard
  and easy to use method.  This file is gzip for your protection

  This does not backup any files (or subdirectories) under any directory
  called "proc" or "lost+found".  This is intentional to prevent backing up
  special file systems of unix.  It also does not backup paths like 
   /net/*/net or /net/`hostname`/*

  To restore the contents of a backup, but making the paths names relative
   (ie dump the archive to a relative location)
	backup restore --no-absolute-filenames

The backup script itself can be called from cron:

#Run the daily backup
0 10 * * 1,2,3,4 /path/backup daily
#Run the daily backup
0 10 * * 5 /path/backup weekly 
#Run a full backup on the first of the month
0 10 1 * * /path/backup full

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